Friday, September 28, 2012

Fedora 18 Release Schedule

The latest version of Fedora 18 is currently under development. Fedora 18 promises a variety of updates, and many new features. For you fans of Fedora Linux, Fedora 18 has many advantages such as: a better interface display of Fedora 17, the installation process easier, clean and clear desktop and many more. Fedora 18 will use Spherical Cow as its code name.
fedora 18 release schedule

When Fedora 18 will be released? 

Typically, the Fedora team released a new version every 6 months. Likewise for Fedora 18, before the final version is available, it will be released Fedora Alpha, Beta beforehand to find bugs and errors that may exist. And to be tested by the public.
If there is no delay, Fedora 18 release will be scheduled on 12 November 2012. This wiki page describe detailed information about Fedora 18 release schedule. Will you upgrade to Fedora 18 when it's finally available?



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